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The Acoustic Signa­ture Tango MK3 phono preamp­lifier defi­nitely plays like a “big one”: The reso­nance-opti­mized, anti-mag­netic chassis is made of a solid alu­minum block. The double-sided circuit board is exclu­sively equip­ped with quality compo­nents from esta­blished brand manu­factu­rers and lay­outed in SMD design to keep the signal paths as short as possible.

In order to ensure abso­lute power stability and no risk of inter­feren­ces with the phono signal, our over-dimen­sioned power supply is external. The RIAA equa­liza­tion of the Tango MK3 deli­vers extre­mely accurate values with a maxi­mum devia­tion of less than 0.2 dB from the ideal curve! The com­plex circuit design features addi­tional local elec­trolytic capa­citors for stabi­lization and an effec­tive sub­sonic filter that guaran­tees minimal distortion as well as maxi­mum hum and noise reduction. With its selec­table gain and DIP switch for load impe­dance confi­gu­ration the Tango MK3 also offers a variety of adjust­ment options for many MC and all MM cartridges.

Special features:

Phono pre­ampli­fier for MC, MI & MM cart­ridges
Reso­nance-opti­mized and anti­mag­netic alu­minum chassis
Precise RIAA and extre­mely low distor­tion due to quality components
Extremely low hum & noise due to short signal paths
External, over-dimen­sioned power supply
Subsonic filter against low-fre­quency inter­fe­rences
2 selectable gain steps
Adjustable load impe­dance via DIP switch

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Package contents

Tango Mk3 preamplifier
External power supply
Power cord
Instruction manual

Amplification MM: 40­dB,
MCH/MCL: 60­dB
Input connection RCA, MM/MC selectable
Output connection unbalanced RCA
Operation voltage (external power supply) 24­V­DC
Channel separation > 89­dB (1­kHz)
RIAA-accuracy ±­0.2­dB
Signal-to-noise ratio MM: 83­dB,
MC: 65­dB
Subsonic filter yes
Dimension (WxDxH) 162 x 98 x 57­mm
Weight 2.1­kg
Finish Silver (anodized)
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