The add-on speakers disperse sound from the body of the speaker, allowing for a spacious and very large sound stage effect.

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The combination of direct-radiating loudspeakers, providing precise location and imaging and the omni-directional 4Pi Plus.2 ribbon super-tweeter providing an open and airy sound, results in perfect spaciousness not found with any conventional loudspeaker.

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height x width x depth143 × 150 × 250 mm
weight4.0 kg
type1-way, addon-tweeter
tweeter1 × 4Pi II - ribbon
crossover frequency10; 12; 15 kHz selectable
frequency range (IEC 268-5)(10,000) ... 53,000 Hz
sensitivity 84 - 92 dB / 2.83 V / m selectable
nominal/peak power handling 400 / 600 W
nominal impedance 6 Ω
minimum impedance 3.5 Ω / > 10.000 Hz

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