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The Sieveking Sound (SVS) Omega Headphone Stand made its debut at the 2009 Munich High End Show and the response was overwhelming! Made from real wood, these gorgeous stands are sumptuously finished, a sturdy and stable design designed to protect your headphones as much as show them off.  Large enough to accommodate even very large headphones like Sennheiser’s HD800 or Grado’s PS1000, the Omega cradles virtually any headphone with its sensuous form.

The Omega's design is so unique it has been granted a design trademark by the European Union.  The Omega headphone stand features a smaller opening angle than a human head and thus puts less tension on the headphone than the listener does when wearing them.

Made in Germany from a single piece of wood, steam-molded then coated with clear matte lacquer, the Omega stand is built to last.  Unlike painted or glossy stands which need constant cleaning to preserve their appearance, the Omega’s soft lacquer finish will look great year after year.  To keep the Omega’s safe during transportation or when they’re not being used, SVS includes a pouch of ultra-soft undyed flannel which can also be used to cover the stand and headphones, protecting them from light and dust.

There are four real-wood models available; Cherry, Maple, Zebrano, Walnut and now Makassar:
Makassar is a deeper brown than Walnut, with a lighter cross-section
Cherry is a gorgeous slightly reddish color, very natural looking
Maple is European elegance defined, with a light custardy color
Zebrano is gorgeous, the zebrawood a magnificent complement to metal bodied headphones
Walnut is deep, rich and burnished, with an understated, solid appearance

Perfectly shaped to not stretch your headphone headband
Wide and perfectly flat sides put even pressure on the earpads
Fits virtually all headphones
Undyed flannel protective pouch to cover Omega stand and headphones
Available in 4 Finishes: Walnut, Zebrano, Cherry and Maple (Shown in this order in main picture)
Made In Germany

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