T+A PA 2500 R

Utsøkt byggekvalitet og design, spiller med stoisk ro og kontroll

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Twice as tall, higher output power and even more connection facilities – the PA 2500 R exceeds the specification of the PA 2000 R in many areas, but its character in terms of sound quality is in no way inferior to its smaller sibling. This by no means goes without saying, because very powerful amplifiers often forfeit the finer points of dynamics and detail tracery. Our PA 2500 R integrated amplifier circumvents this danger: its basic circuit is the same as that of the PA 2000 R, and even the circuit board layouts are identical. However, its heat-sinks are twice the size, and the case accommodates two of our new high-performance mains power supply units, with the result that it can deliver more than 260 Watts of continuous power per channel into 4 Ohms loudspeakers. The amplifier is therefore effortlessly capable of controlling speakers which are extremely critical in terms of phase and impedance.
The PA 2500 is even more powerful than the smaller machine, but retains exactly the same dynamism and cultured sound. The PA 2500 R is fitted with three professional symmetrical XLR inputs, of which one can be configured as Surround Pass Through, four high-quality Cinch inputs (RCA), symmetrical (XLR) and asymmetrical (RCA) pre-amplifier output sockets, and two pairs of loudspeaker outputs with heavy-duty terminals machined from ultra-pure non-magnetic brass with rhodium-plated contact surfaces. A headphone socket is present on the front panel.

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