T+A PA 1000 E

Ny og forbedret utgave av vår best-selgende integrerte forsterker

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The core of the E-series is the PA 1000 E: an integrated amplifier bursting with power and superb sound. The unit was developed from the legendary Power Plant, whose outstanding sound we succeeded in improving

The pre-amplifier is a crucial element in determining the sonic characteristics of the amplifier as a whole, and for this reason our development aim was absolute neutrality, superb musical fidelity and outstanding dynamic characteristics. The use of the latest op-amps (operational amplifiers) mounted on discrete, voltage-stabilised circuit boards (OAD = Op Amp Decoupling) ensures absolutely consistent signal processing regardless of load, i.e. uncoloured sound! Naturally there is a two-stage volume control based on a High-End ALPS precision potentiometer to ensure a high overload margin and good signal to noise ratios. A Flat switch is present, which entirely removes the sophisticated tone controls and Loudness function from the signal path.

The PA 1000 E is equipped with high-quality balanced and unbalanced inputs. The balanced input section (XLR) is mounted on its own circuit board, is of fully symmetrical construction, and is coupled directly to the
pre-amplifier via differential amplifiers of superb quality. The RCA and XLR inputs are flexible in operation, and can be assigned to different source devices. The input selector switches incorporate gold-contact relays
of outstanding quality in order to guarantee freedom from harmonic distortion and background noise. The power amplifiers take the form of switching output stages, whose output signal is generated by a large number of very brief positive ad negative pulses.

Our switching output stages have been developed entirely in-house, and are far removed from ready-made “off the shelf” integrated IC amplifiers; instead the output stages are of discrete construction, equipped with the very latest, ultra-fast MOSFET transistors and intelligent driver modules with high current capacity. The oversized analogue mains power supply incorporates a toroidal transformer with low leakage fields and separate buffering for each stage, ensuring that huge reserves of energy are available at all times. It is this feature which endows the output stages with their enormous dynamic range.

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