Kraftig forsterker med høykvalitets platespiller-inngang og DAC.

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Rega Elex-R Mk4 er en ny og oppgradert versjon av den prisbelønte Elex-R.

Høyspesifisert integrert forsterker på 2 x 72 watt i 8 ohm. Rega har benyttet sin egen nyutviklede teknologi i forsterkeren og klart å kombinere meget gode lydegenskaper med høy brukerkomfort. Forsterkeren har flere konstruksjonsmessige fellestrekk med Brio-R og Elicit-R.

Rega har utviklet en unik volumkontroll som består av en aktiv og passiv regulering med feedback som sikrer optimal kanalbalanse og best mulig signal/støy forhold uansett lydnivå.

Elex-R Mk4 er strømsterk og dynamisk, Rega benytter 150Watts lav impedans Sanken Darlington utgangstransistorer som gir en lydsignatur tilsvarende for mange klasse A-konstruksjoner.


-72 W per channel into 8 Ω / 90 W into 6 Ω
-High quality moving magnet phono stage
-High performance Rega DAC circuit for digital inputs
-2 x Digital inputs - 1 x optical and 1 x Co-Axial
-Headphone output
-4 Line level inputs
-New custom design case
-Thermal Cut-Out
-Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects


Our engineers have re-engineered the entire ELEX circuit board to optimise performance. MK4 builds on previous Rega designs by using our multi-award-winning Class A/B power amplifier circuit to deliver a powerful 72W per channel into 8Ω loads. This power is provided by a quiet multi-stage linear supply whilst supply rails for digital and analogue sections are galvanically isolated.


The DAC is based closely on the hugely successful Rega DAC-R circuit. The galvanically/optically isolated digital inputs utilise a Wolfson S/PDIF receiver IC to provide exceptional detail and clarity from any connected source. Output is provided by a Wolfson DAC and Rega designed discrete line-driver circuit. Our engineers have worked exceptionally hard to ensure that the analogue side of the circuit is not affected in any way by the introduction of digital inputs.


A high performance Rega designed integrated moving magnet (MM) phono stage is carefully built into the circuit. The RIAA equalization has been split into two stages to minimise interaction. Polyester capacitors have been used in the signal path and polypropylene capacitors are used in the RIAA equalization circuits.


We have taken great care to incorporate the headphone socket on the Elex MK4. This has been configured such that the speaker switching is performed by the output mute relay to avoid obstructing the signal path ensuring no loss of performance when it is not in use.


The new custom case design and construction brings the Elex MK4 inline with the rest of the Rega range and provides improved heat dissipation by using the entire case as an ultra efficient heat sink.


The Elex MK4 includes Thermal Cut-Out, short circuit protection and DC protection to prevent the risk of damage from excess heat, excessive currents or short circuits.

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Power Amplifier Output (at rated 230/115 V Supply voltage)

72 W into 8 Ω
90 W into 6 Ω

Dimensions (W × H × D)

432 x 82 x 340 (D includes loudspeaker terminals)


11 Kg

Supported Sampling Rates

32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz

Supported Bit Depths

16 to 24 bit

Power Consumption

250 W at 1dB below clip into 8Ω

Output Sensitivity (at rated inputs)

Record Output 164mV
Pre-amplifier Output 625mV

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