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Modulær forforsterker med MC Riaa balansert XLR og RCA, 2 balanserte XLR innganger og 2 balansert XLR utganger så en kan bi-ampe høyttalere. 808MK5 kommer med en separat strømforsyning

In the year 2000 the 808 celebrated its 20th anniversary, it has been in production continually
since August 1980 (hence the name: 80=1980, 8=August). Several reasons for Burmester
Audiosystems to celebrate:
new reference titles, for example in the USA (5 stars from The Absolute Sound)
most sold version of the 808
the encasement, the module slots as well as the bottom plate are now painted/anodized
silver. This way, the 808 matches the design of the other Reference Line models.
The 808 has often been compared to the 911 Porsche: ‘This one you’ll probably be building
forever!’ We are happy about the lively encouragement for the 808 with its unique concept
and design (copies exist: see Cello).

The modular concept, which connects the input and output modules by using a bus system,
was newly optimized with great effort.
A completely new addition is the IR remote control. Volume is set in 60 logarithmically
tuned steps by a passive R-2R network consisting of precision resistors and gold-plated
Reed relays. Only this extreme sophistication can guarantee the desired 100 per cent equal
channel balance. In remote mode, the mechanical precision volume control functions to
set a maximum volume limit. The new metal hand-held remote control 003 is supplied as
The complete internal circuitry for signal paths now consists of Burmester silver cable,
which is shielded electrically as well as magnetically.
The power supply of the 808 MK 5 has been completely reworked and is now housed in a
casing as big as a Basic power amp. This power supply provides the DC necessary for the
808 MK 5 (and only DC is transferred into the preamp from the power supply via an 18-
pin shielded cable). Two 50VA transformers with overall 163.000 μF filtering capacitance
provide an ultra-clean and stable power supply, and steep roll-off HF-filters provide an
extremely clean DC-voltage. The individual audio amplification stages of the 808 are decoupled
against the supply voltages.
As with the 808 MK 3 XLR version, the four possible balanced inputs are now connected
using gold-plated 3-pin Cannon (XLR) terminals located on the rear of the component.
Depending on preference, six of the ten inputs can be equipped with balanced or unbalanced

All modules of the 808 MK 5 are equipped with class-A X-amp amplification stages. Layout
design of all modules is discrete, which means their components have been carefully selected
and paired using a special colour code.
The input and output modules are adjustable via proprietary potentiometers individually
for each channel. If the controls are turned to their maximum level, they function as a switch
and are shorted out of the signal path.
Two 24-step precision volume controls for the seperately controlled outputs allow a direct
comparison of two power amps, as well as independent access to different living areas.
Like all Burmester Reference Line components, the 808 MK 5 now rests on a 15 mm thick
bottom plate made of aluminum. In connection with the spiked feet, which rest on carbon
fiber spring pucks, vibrations and footfall effects of any kind are effectively avoided.
The MC2 module is a completely new design; its sophisticated circuitry was partially realized
in SMD technology. The MC2 offers fully balanced signal processing and DC-coupling.
The 808 MK 5 has remote facilities to switch up to four Burmester power amps on and off.

Tekniske data

4 balanced XLR inputs, of which Tape 2 is a balanced tape loop, all with XLR 3-pin terminals
6 unbalanced AUX inputs (Aux module necessary)
1 unbalanced TAPE 2 input (cinch/RCA)
2 balanced XLR outputs (3-pin plug)
2 unbalanced outputs (cinch/RCA)
1 balanced Tape1 output (3-pin plug)
1 unbalanced Tape2 output (cinch/RCA)
4 10V outputs for remote on/off of other Burmester components
Minimum order with an 808 basic unit is 1 input and 1 output module of your choice (modules
not included in the price of the basic component). Surcharge for gold-plated or custom
Width/Height/Depth (mm) Weight
808 MK 5: 483x170x385 (without plugs) 23 kg
Power supply: 483x95x385 (without plugs) 9 kg
Included: connecting cable from Power supply to basic unit, approx. 2 m
Recommended power cable: Burmester Power 2.5