Rotel DT-6000 DAC og CD-spiller - 60 års jubileumsmodell

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The Rotel Diamond Series DT-6000 DAC Transport celebrates
Rotel’s 60-Year history delivering performance, passion and
value synonymous with the brands Japanese heritage. The DT6000 supports Coaxial, Optical and PC-USB inputs as well as
an integrated CD Player for the ultimate flexibility playing your
favorite sources rendering digital audio with dynamic precision
and authentic accuracy.

The DT-6000’s critical Digital to Analog circuits utilizes an ESS
Sabre 8-Channel ES9028PRO DAC dedicating 4 channels each
to the Left and Right stereo outputs. The DACs multi-channel
processing delivers unprecedented details with an ultra-low
noise floor through fully differential circuits resulting in an
immersive, expansive sound stage.

Dedicated power supplies feed all critical circuits driven by
an in-house manufactured low-emission shielded toroidal
transformer with high efficiency, low ESR slit-foil smoothing
capacitors delivering ripple free current. Physical circuit board
isolation techniques and electronic decoupling design methods
result in lower residual noise and reduced distortion in the
sensitive analog stages including the external DAC output filters.

The Coaxial and Optical inputs support PCM audio up to
24-bit/192kHz with the asynchronous PC-USB input rendering
up to 32-bit/384kHz high resolution music files. The PC-USB also
supports MQA and DSD 4X and is certified Roon Tested for the
highest compatibility with Roon software.

The smooth action tray loading CD player utilizes Rotel’s
formidable 30-years of experience engineering and
manufacturing award winning disc spinners. The industrial
design includes a spring-floating CD mechanism with damping
materials to reduce mechanical noise and vibrations during
playback. Precision motor controls and the optical laser pick-up
extract every nuance and detail from CD collections both large
and small.

Front panel controls and a back-lit IR remote provide intuitive
operation of the unit with playback status, music file stream
details and CD Metadata shown on the 2-line display.
The RS232, 12V trigger and external remote input ensure
simplified integration with all popular control systems.
The DT-6000 is available in both black and silver colors.

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