HiFi Rose RSA780 is a high-performance, nearly silent, solidly built CD drive for HiFi Rose network media players.

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Connecting over USB, it offers CD Playback & CD-ripping features for HiFi Rose RS150B, RS250, & RS201E media players. Use this to play your CDs or rip hi-res files to those players, and save them using various storage options—transforming a HiFi Rose Network Player into a personal Music Server. The Rose OS app helps you manage a personal library of hi-res audio with just one touch.

Best-in-Class Sound for HiFi Users
Isolated Design, Low Noise & Anti Vibration Tech
Weighing just shy of two pounds, the RSA780 is not light. At nearly two pounds, the solidly built chassis is nearly silent during playback and has the optimal weight for a single CD disc.

Minimized Motion Noise
HiFi Rose applied high-performance insulators to the RSA780's structure to further minimize vibration throughout its solid construction. Through high-quality insulators, any noise that could occur while a CD is playing is reduced further as the physical disc is spinning.

USB-Type B Isolator Adopted
HiFi Rose implemented USB Isolator technology for the high-performance RSA780 CD Drive. The CD Drive and one of its compatible network players are electrically separated, so only pure music data without noise is transmitted through the USB connection. 
Sporting a USB-Type B port, a more complete data reading is possible with audio-only USB A-to-B cables. RSA780 adopts a USB-B type port so that you can use audio-only USB A-B cables.

Provides CD Playback & Ripping Features
You can use the HiFi Rose RSA780E not only for CD playback but also for CD ripping. 
Store your precious CD audio safely in various storage devices with an intuitive UI and easy operation. Rip files to your HiFi Rose RS150B, RS250, or RS201E player and use their various storage options to build up a collection of high-resolution music in either FLAC, WAV, or other hi-res audio formats. 
With the exclusive ROSE OS application, you can conveniently import songs from CDs to the Hi-Fi ROSE player with just one touch. The UI provides album art and various information, and editing is also possible. Save music in FLAC, FLAC (compression), and WAV formats.

Close up shot of the HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive USB port.
ROSE OS Compatible
HiFi Rose OS system provides an innovative musical experience. In addition to playing and streaming ultra-high-quality music, it offers a variety of services including 4K high-definition video playback, music-oriented YouTube listening, Podcasts, various radio broadcasts around the world, CD playback, and ripping.

MUSIC & VIDEO: Play music and video files on a local storage device (USB / SSD / Micro SD) and NAS / network shared drives. You can play music categorized by recent albums, albums, artists, genres, composers, and songs. If you connect ROSE and TV with HDMI cable, you can watch your movies on the big screen.

SPOTIFY CONNECT: Spotify Connect allows you to play and wirelessly control Spotify music on your ROSE OS over a network. With the Spotify Connect function, you can enjoy a variety of music with hi-fi sound quality on your ROSE device. 

TIDAL: Built-in Tidal App for high-performance streaming service. Easily integrate all existing features, such as sign-in, playlist, and playback. Supports MQA Full Decoder, so you can enjoy high-resolution music.

QOBUZ: Enjoy music streaming with Qobuz's various functions. Support for hi-res audio (24 bit/192 kHz) means you can enjoy high-resolution music. 

INTERNET RADIO & PODCASTS: Listen to more than 800 Internet radio stations from around the world. Register and listen to your favorite channel. It also offers podcast channels, provided by Apple iTunes.

BUILT-IN ROSE APP STORE: You can simply update these applications to the latest version from the RoseStore App.

ROSE Connect App
This intuitive and dedicated application allows users to play all music and videos from local and network sources.

HIFI Rose companion app on mobile devices and tablets.
How to Connect HiFi Rose RSA7880 CD Drive
Connect with Hi-Fi ROSE RS150, RS250, and RS201 to use the device. A dedicated HiFi 7NOCC USB 2.0 A-B DATA cable for RSA705 is provided separately. 

Connection guide showing how to connect HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive to HiFi Rose Network Media Players.

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  • 5V, 1.5A


  • 1 x USB Type-B


  • BODY: High-purity aluminum
  • DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 5.9" x 5.9" x 0.9"
  • WEIGHT: 1.9 lbs


  • Power cord x 1
  • Quick Start Guide x 1


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