ADOT Fibre Optic Gigabit Network Conversion Kit

ADOT Fibre Optic Gigabit Network Conversion Kit

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ADOT Fibre Optic Gigabit Network Conversion Kit

Nyhet! ADOT - Audiophile Digital Optical Technology - single mode fiberkit

MC02 SFP single mode inkludert lineær PSU.
MC02 inneholder den samme omformeren som MC01 men med en bedre strømforsyning.

ADOT er et firma bestående av det samme teamet som representerer Melco Audio i UK. Under ADOT-paraplyen produserer de audiofile fiberoptiske adapterkit til bruk med vanlige ethernetrutere og switcher, men som ikke minst er genial i bruk Melcos S100 og S10 switcher som allerede tilbyr SFP-porter. ADOT produserer også fiberkabel i ulike lengder med SFP-adaptere i høy kvalitet.

Nå lanserer de endelig en løsning med single mode fiber og SFP som er enda bedre å bruke til audio. Der den tidligere løsningen fra ADOT var multimode, gir single mode mer presis konvertering mellom optisk og elektrisk signalføring. Resultatet av mindre optisk forvrengning er også bedre båndbredde over distanser. Med tanke på audio gir dette et bedre lydmessig resultat og bedre arbeidsbetingelser for streamere og streamingbridger.

Hvor kan jeg bruke ADOT sine kit?

Du setter ADOT sine fiberkit mellom ruter og switch. Man kan også sette dem mellom switch og streamer. 
Har du ikke en god audio-grade switch med oppgradert klokkekrets kan du gjerne sette ADOT-kitene direkte mellom ruter/switch og streamer.

Merk at om hverken ruter, switch eller streamer tilbyr SFP-porter, må du enten ha 2x ADOT-kit eller 1x ADOT-kit + 1x ADOT Accessory kit med strømsplitter (brukes på kortere distanser).

What ADOT say

Designing a fibre unit for hi-fi systems is a challenge. Because fibre is used in IT systems primarily for speed, and hi-fi doesn’t need fibre for speed, it needs it for clarity!

In fact, reducing the comms speed of the MC01 to 100Mb/s improves the sound quality of a network player. This is possible simply by setting a couple of switches. Internally, the construction of MC01 is to Enterprise Standards and this extends to the massive Ethernet magnetics that couple to the copper part of the network.

SFP adapters

There are many choices of fibre configuration and wavelength (colour) of the optical transfer. Audiophile DOT simplifies the decision by supplying a matched pair of Duplex SFP adapters with matched fibre.


The fibre has to match the design parameters of the SFP adapters and so the Duplex fibre that is supplied is paired with the SFP adapters. Connectivity of the fibre adapters is critical and the terminations are all factory-made in clean-room conditions. 1.5m lengths mean that the devices can be tucked out of the way behind a hi-fi system.

There is a limit of several hundred metres for the fibre link. The fibre is also less than 3mm in diameter, and so is ideally suited for making the connection between the router and the hi-fi system, even in the largest homes or between buildings.

Audiophile DOT can supply standard lengths of optical fibre up to 50m; all are clean-room-assembled with individual performance tables supplied with each cable.

Experience Glorious Isolation

Audiophile Fibre Network Connectivity kits; for when copper just isn’t good enough!

A suite of audiophile-grade kits to simplify the isolation of high-end audio systems using fibre optic components carefully optimised for hi-fi use
Plug and play with no computer configuration required
System operation is completely unchanged
Suitable for use with all network-connected audio systems whether NAS–or streaming-based

Why upgrade?

Analogue audio is delicate. Digital audio is just as delicate, plus digital data needs to be treated with the utmost respect to achieve the results that today’s high-resolution digital music files promise.

The reason is simple.

Behind the 0’s and 1’s, hi-fi electrical signals are still analogue, and just as susceptible to the influence from noise and interference. This additional noise damages the integrity of the pulse edges. This uncertain transition point, of a noisy pulse edge, results in timing errors and jitter. Using a high-performance audiophile data switch, such as the Melco S100, ensures that the data is as pristine as possible and switch management ensures that errant data packets are not presented to the hi-fi system. But, the Ethernet cabling is still a risk, being connected to noisy IT-type devices in the home and the cable is also an effective antenna, capturing EMC from the environment. Copper wire, used for Ethernet cables, is effective at conducting data, but is equally effective at conducting all manner of interference as well.

The solution is simple too.

By breaking the conducted signal, we remove the interference and isolate the hi-fi system. This is done with fibre optics––now the data can be communicated to the digital components, but without any risk of introducing any conducted interference and noise.

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  • 1x MC01 ADOT SFP ethernet omformer
  • 1x 5v lineær strømforsyning
  • 1x ADOT fiberkabel 1,5m
  • 2x ADOT LC (fiber) til SFP adaptere