Referansekabel med imponerende egenskaper!

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The Valhalla 2 Reference Speaker Cable consists of twenty-eight conductors divided into four groups of seven. Each conductor is made from solid core 99.999999% oxygen free copper and plated with 85 microns of silver. A Dual Mono-Filament wrap is applied and helically wound around each conductor before a precision FEP jacket is extruded over the outside. The transmission speed of the cable is extremely fast, at over 96% the speed of light. The V2 exemplifies state of the art technology with very wide bandwidth signals and minimum phase shift. It delivers incredible transient response and dynamic resolution, preserving depth of musical detail and allowing listeners to follow complex recordings with ease. The V2 Reference Speaker Cable is terminated with HOLO:PLUG ® gold plated spade connectors or Nordost low-mass Z plugs. 

» Tekniske data

Insulation: High purity class 1.1 extruded FEP
Construction: Dual Mono-Filament
Conductors: 28 x22 AWG Solid-core
Material: 85 microns of silver extruded over 99.999999% OFC
Connectors: HOLO:PLUG ® gold plated spade connectors or Nordost low-mass Z plugs
Dielectric Constant: 1.38
Capacitance and Inductance: Capacitance: 10.9pF/ft Inductance: 0.125 uH/ft
Series Resistancece: 10 AWG equivalent
Propagation Delay: 96% speed of light

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