Kosteffektiv oppgradering for de som ønsker å hente ut potensialet i sine hodetelefoner!

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The Chord Company ShawCan headphone cable is the latest addition to the acclaimed Shawline range.

It features high-quality, silver-plated conductors, PTFE dielectric and a carbon composite shield design that minimises unwanted mechanical noise — an inherent problem with headphone cables. The conductors are enclosed in a black outer jacket that is more than just a braid to tidy the conductors: it is cleverly designed to assist acoustic damping.

ShawCan headphone cable uses an adapted version of our unique Super ARAY conductor geometry and offers a marked performance upgrade over conventional cable designs. Fitted with 6.3mm or 3.5mm mini-jack to a wide variety of connectors to suit any most headphones.

ShawCan can be built to suit a balanced headphone output. Balanced headphone outputs aren’t balanced in the usual sense. As well as the normal left and right signals, there are left and right negative connections – more like a loudspeaker output. Desktop devices often use a 4 pin XLR output. Portable devices tend to use a 2.5mm 4 pole mini-jack connection.

» Tekniske data

Connector type/config Headphone make/model:

2x 3.5mm mono jacks Focal ELEAR, CLEAR, Astell & Kern AK T1P, OPPO PM1s, Hifiman HE1000s, Sony MDR-Z1, Denon AH-D600
1x 3.5mm stereo jack Yamaha HPH-Pro400
2x Mini XLR Audeze LCD range
2x HD800 Sennheiser HD800/s
2x IEM Sennheiser HD600/650
2x Lemo Focal Utopia

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