Kablene i C-series er Chord Companys grunnfjell. Her får man kabler med god metallkvalitet, god isolasjon og god skjerm, alt levert på et meget vennlig budsjett. Hvit ytterkappe gjør kablene så diskret som mulig i ethvert oppsett. Chords C-serie blir stadig vekk anbefalt av fagpressen.

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The C-digital has been developed to let you hear just how good some of the more affordable digital to analogue converters can be. The Tuned ARAY conductor configuration was developed to improve the performance of digital cables and is an easy-to hear-upgrade.  The ARAY design of C-digital will begin to give you an idea of what your system can really do.

ARAY conductor geometry, oxygen free copper conductors.  High density over-wrapped foil shielding. Unique direct gold-plated RCA plug improves signal transfer.  Over moulded plug surround provides high reliability and zero conductor compression.

The Chord C-digital is designed to work with all components equipped with a coaxial digital output:  CD players, streaming devices, DVD players and any other component with a digital output.

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