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Properly done this supertweeter improves your soundstage and imagine and gives much more air into the soundstage and even improves mid- and low frequency definition .

It is important to ensure that the distance from the tweeter in your speaker will have exactly the same distance to your ear as this super tweeter. Even one mm is important! When that is done, try to find what polarity of the super tweeter that gives best summation of the both.

Next, try to super adjust the distance of the super tweeter to give best total sound. Normally it is expected that the super tweeter is 6-12mm behind the original tweeter due to phase shift at high frequency of the original tweeter in your speaker. Then you have to adjust correct crossover frequency of the super tweeter and also adapt the sensitivity.

Tekniske data

Sensitivity 93dB/1w

Adjustable 6 steps each -1 dB

Frequency response 10k-100kHz -6dB

Adjustable from 17k-22kHz in 6 steps

Capasitor Mundorf silver/gold/oil

Solid core silverplated copper internal wiring