Stor lyd i liten innpakning! Akkurat som storebroren BA71 har BA31 regulèrbar ambience control, noe som gjør at du kan optimalisere lydbildet til akkurat ditt lytterom.

» Mer om produktet

· 2 ½-way system
· Bassreflex design for a powerful, clean low bass range
· Air Motion Transformer (AMT) with ultra-light diaphragm, super strong neodymium drive,utmost dedication to detail, sonic neutrality and level stability
· Identical ambience tweeter on the rear of the enclosure with level control for individually adjusting the spaciousness of the sound image
· High-quality connection terminal, suitable for massive cable lugs as well as e.g. low-mass hollow banana plugs
· Optional bi-wiring and bi-amping operation to use e.g. different power amps for the low and the high/mid range
· The enclosures with acoustically decoupled aluminium front panels and braced MDF walls add to the low-resonance reproduction of the fundamental range
· The veneer and lacquer finishes in five different versions may be combined with alu front panels in three different colours

» Tekniske data

Structural principle : 2 ½ way, bassreflex
Nominal power handling : 200 W
Sensitivity at 2.83V/1m : 87 dB
Nominal impedance : 4 ohms
Frequency range ±3 dB : 38-45.000 Hz
High-frequency driver : 2 x Air Motion Transformer
Midrange driver : 17cm (6.5 in.) fibreglass paper cone
Low-midrange driver : 17cm (6.5 in.) fibreglass paper cone
Crossover frequencies : 400 Hz / 3000 Hz
Weight (per item) : 40.5 kg (89.4 lbs.)
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 25.3 x 105 x 37.5 cm (10 x 41.3 x 14.8 in.)

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