The best Duo we've ever developed. is the third evolutionary stage of a horn system that has been in the Avantgarde Acoustics portfolio since 1993.

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The best Duo we've ever developed. is the third evolutionary stage of a horn system that has been in the Avantgarde Acoustics portfolio since 1993.

The proven innovative spherical horn architecture combined with the improved XM2 midrange, the new XT3 reference supertweeter from TRIO and XB12 basses with giant coils from SPACEHORN.

The same soul as 30 years ago, but with a different temperament. Darker. More sporty. Tighter. The best DUO ever.

The Duo GT has been redesigned with new technology, an up-to-date design expression and at the same time made much more flexible. Can be purchased as semi-active with active bass or as fully active with built-in iTron amplifiers. The speakers can also be expanded with a streaming module or preamplifier.

Possibility of later upgrading from semi-active to fully active loudspeakers.


G3 stands for "Generation 3", the successor and next step up from the acclaimed XD series. Starting with the original Generation 1 models in 1993, this is the second time in 30 years that our technologies and product platforms have been completely renewed.

The G3 Series takes nature horn principle to its (il)– logical extreme: sheer musical power unleashed through the use of unbridled efficiency coupled to an extended frequency range.

Optional with the iTRON fully active modules – if required with integrated wireless network capability – our patented GameChanger technology, with which we directly control the acceleration of the membranes through a perfectly orchestrated current flow. For a perfect, distortion-free, crys‐ talline and natural sound that almost sounds like live.

Incredible detail, stunning dynamic range – both loud and soft – fabulous spaciousness and huge, customisable bass performance – that's the G3 Series.

  • New generation Evolution drivers for increased dynamics, lower distortion and even purer sound.
  • Innovative XT2 & XT3 tweeter with new ‘Long Throw’ Horn, extended Supertweeter frequency range and record–breaking distortion values.
  • Co–planar arrangement for the acoustic centre of all drivers, for stunning musical and spatial coherence.
  • NatureCap, Avantgarde’s unique, proprietary super-capacitor, with outstanding specs and incredibly delicate sound.
  • Equipped as standard with the E-Fuse circuitry, an electronic fuse for an even more precise dynamic reproduction.
  • Optional patented and fully active iTRON Current Drive, for perfect control of driver output and the ultimate sound.
  • Optional integrated network capability, for direct streaming of content such as Tidal, Spotify, DLNA, Roon, Airplay creating the perfect plug & play system.
  • Iconic and instantly recognizable design language, combined with future–proof modular technology for easy, future electronic upgrades.
  • Piano lacquer finish of the bass cabinets and new elegant colour and design options for an even more individual configuration of your dream loudspeaker.

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G3 Modular technology

  • Modultechnology with multipin power connector

  • subsequent upgrading with additional modules possible

  • Future built in by spimply upgrading to new technology


G3 Frequency crossover

  • Spheric Low Cut Technology

  • AirGate sound filtration chamber

  • New NatureCap capacitor

  • 3rd Generation Polarisation Plus circuitry



  • New improved XM2 Evolution driver

  • 107db efficiency with 18 ohm Omega technology

  • 670mm speherical midrange horn



  • New 200mm tweeter horn with 176mm length

  • New improved XT3 Evolution Supertweeter

  • Annular diaphragm with duplex suspension

  • Extended frequency range up to 28.000 Hz



  • 2x New 10 inch XB10 driver with 152mm voice coil

  • 1.15 Tesla flux density on 480mm Voice coil length

  • Membrane composite of long-fiber paper and carbon fiber



  • Variable angle adjustment of the spike booms in 7.5 degree steps

  • Aluminum die casting vibration damper element

  • Precision spike made of CNC milled solid material






    • Patent pend. Current drive technology

    • Symmetrical, Single-ended circuit without any negative feedback

    • Direct control of the membrane acceleration



    • Tidal® Spotify® DLNA® Roon® Airplay® Compatible

    • High resolution DAC with Velvet SoundTM Technology

    • Power-Line-Connection (PLC) via the power grid

    • TrueAnalog input



  • 500 Watt power output

  • processor controlled active filters

  • new C3 user interface for programming 


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