12" THX Ultra2 Certified Passive Subwoofer

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The KW-120-THX is a compact, high-output,
low-distortion passive subwoofer suitable for
use in any high-performance home-theater or
music system. A pair of KW-120-THXs driven
by a KA-1000-THX amplifier meet all
requirements for THX Ultra2 certification.
Although a single KW-120-THX does not
satisfy the stringent THX Ultra2 maximumoutput
specification, which assumes a very
large room, it is more than adequate for a
typical small or medium-sized room. Either
configuration is capable of intense, powerful
deep-bass reproduction, with no loss of clarity
or detail at even the highest levels demanded
by modern action-movie soundtracks. The
cabinet is front-ported to maximize installation
The KW-120-THX is built around a castframe,
long-throw driver with a 12-inch
Cerametallic™ cone. Propelling it is a powerful
motor structure with a huge, 240-ounce
magnet. This rugged, no-compromise driver is
capable of staggering output without breakup
or distortion.
Construction is to the highest standard, with a
professional grade rabbet and dado locked
panel cabinet and premium components
throughout to ensure sonic purity, consistency,
and reliability. Each subwoofer enclosure has a
NL2 SpeakOn™ input for correct, secure
amplifier connections, and each KW-120-THX
is supplied with a 20-foot THX Ultra certified
speaker cable terminated with NL2 SpeakOn

■ Very high output capability (130dB @ 30Hz)
■ 12" Cerametallic cast-frame, long-throw driver with 240-ounce magnet
■ Front-ported enclosure for maximum installation flexibility
■ NL2 SpeakOn inputs for correct, secure amplifier connection

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MAX. ACOUSTIC OUTPUT 130dB @ 30Hz, 122dB @ 20Hz,
112dB @ 15Hz 1/8 space, 1M
(2 enclosures side-by-side per THX Ultra2)
ENCLOSURE TYPE Bass-reflex via front-firing slot port
AMPLIFIER Use only with KA-1000-THX
AMPLIFIER POWER See KA-1000-THX specifications
WOOFER 12" (30.5cm) front firing, Cerametallic™ cone,
cast aluminum frame driver with a 240oz
ceramic magnet structure
DIMENSIONS 20.25" (51.4cm) H x 17.75" (45.1cm) W
x 17.75" (45.1cm) D (w/grille)
WEIGHT 80 lbs. (36kg)
ENCLOSURE MATERIAL Medium density fiberboard construction(MDF)
FINISH Galaxy Black cabinet with Black anodized
aluminum fascia

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