"Og for deres fantastisk musikalske, og samtidig velopløste lyd - til den pris, får Audiovector QR 1 udnævnelsen ”Best Buy” med."

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The design goal of the QR series has been to offer today’s most advanced technology in a perfectly finished compact package. The sound is big and bold, pleasant and detailed – excellent for all types of music. The QR 1 bookshelf speaker fits nicely into or on the most popular shelf systems. The QR 3 looks compact and will fit into any home environment. The perfectly detailed and sweet treble promises endless hours of musical joy, and the powerful and dynamic bass will allow any recording to sound its very best.

The Gold Leaf Air Motion Tweeter

The fascia plate is machined from a single piece of Aerospace Grade Aluminum. It has been precision machined, glass blasted, brushed and then anodized in a beautiful Tungsten Titanium Grey color. It features a rose gold plated dispersion mesh, which works as an S-Stop filter.

S-Stop Filter

Inspired by the POP filters used in the professional recording industry, we have engineered a dispersion mesh in front of the tweeter, which also works as an S-STOP filter, controlling sibilants. Music never sounded more detailed, yet sweet, from a loudspeakers in this class. Just Listen.

Pure Piston Dual Magnet Bass Driver

This new Audiovector drive unit has the ability to work like a perfect piston over several octaves of the frequency band without the distortion normally found in aluminum/diamond drive units. This means music sounds warm, precise and detailed, yet dynamic and musical.

New Membrane Technology

Based on our experience with stiff light and sound dead membranes in the SR-and R-series speakers, we have developed a new sandwich membrane, which combines the strength of Aero Space Grade Aluminum with the excellent inner damping properties of softer materials. The result is a 3 layer sandwich membrane with no sound of its own and very low distortion, because it performs like a pure piston up to and above its working range.

» Tekniske data

Frequency response 45 - 45 kHz
Gold Leaf upper limit 105 kHz
Treble system Gold Leaf AMT with S-stop
Bass drivers Pure Piston technology
Bass system Q-port bass reflex
Cross-over frequency 3 kHz
Sensitivity, 2.83 V, 1 metre 87 dB
Power handling (music) 150 Watts music
Impedance 4 - 8 Ohms
Dimensions (H x W x D) 325 x 190 x 232 mm
Net weight per piece 6.2 kilos
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