"Nuraphone tilpasser lyden til akkurat din hørsel. De kan også sparke fra med sjuke mengder bass." Lyd & Bilde

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The nuraphone learns your hearing in about one minute. The first time you put on the nuraphone, it plays a short series of tones. As your ear hears these tones, your inner ear actually produces a tiny sound in response. This tiny sound is called the Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) and it tells the nuraphone what tones your ears are more or less sensitive to.

The nuraphone uses 6 extremely sensitive microphones to detect this returning sound and automatically creates your unique hearing profile.

With your hearing profile applied, you’ll hear your favourite music like never before.

Your unique profile is stored within the nuraphone allowing you to listen to any device with your perfect sound. Up to three profiles can be stored on your nuraphone at any time.

Did you know we all hear differently?
The nuraphone is the world’s first headphone to automatically learn and adapt to your unique hearing, bringing you closer to the music you love.

The world's first headphone to automatically learn & adapt to your hearing
Automatically learns how you hear in about one minute.
Creates your unique hearing profile.
Plays music perfectly, for you.

Award winning
CES 2018 Best of Innovation Award — Red Dot 2018 Best of the Best Award — Good Design Award 2018

"Do you hear what I hear? Nope. And these headphones adapt for that... impeccably" — Digital Trends

"Nuraphones are the best headphones any of us have ever heard" — New Atlas

"The nuraphones are something to be cherished... The effect is almost magic." — BBC

"One thing is for certain: in personalized mode, nuraphones sound better than any headphones I've ever used." — FACT Magazine

Inova — In and over-ear architecture
nura’s patented in & over-ear architecture delivers melodic sounds through an in-ear bud and bass through an over-ear driver. The result is crystal clear detail and bass you can feel, at the same time.

TeslaFlow — Active cooling
Music-activated Tesla Valves draw cool air in through the bottom of the ear cup, and push warm air out of the top, keeping your ears cool and comfortable — even during extended listening.

FrontRow — Hear AND Feel your music
You don’t just hear music, you feel music. Choose your Immersion by adjusting the dedicated over-ear drivers. Hear your music in the FrontRow.

nurasound — Your Unique Hearing Profile
After your nuraphone measures your hearing, the nura App creates a visual representation of how you hear. This is your unique hearing profile.

What does the shape of my unique hearing profile mean?

The shape of your profile shows how you hear different frequencies of sound. Low notes are shown at 12 o'clock and higher notes as you move clockwise around the dial. The further the shape stretches outwards from the center, the more sensitive you are to those frequencies.

What’s my colour?

We all hear differently — bass notes, melodic notes and everything in between. Your nuraphone chooses two colours, one for high notes, one for low notes, when creating your unique hearing profile.

Try your friends or family's hearing profiles; you'll be surprised at how easily you recognise your own perfect sound.

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What's in the box?
USB-A charging cable
Magnetic locking protective case
Multi-sized ear tips

Element: 40 mm

Tilkobling: BT 4.1, kabel

Lydformat: aptX, AAC, SBC

Mikrofon: Ja

Vekt: 329 gram

Batteritid: 15–20 timer

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