Gryphon Spike

Because your audio and video components must be effectively isolated from vibration in order to perform at their very best, Gryphon offers the Black Spike to provide proper isolation via mechanical earthing to divert vibration away from sensitive audio components where it can do audible harm.

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The Gryphon Black Spike creates an evacuation path between the equipment and the outside world, acting as a mechanical diode, conducting energy in one direction and effectively blocking it the other way.

Gryphon research has shown that the size, shape and material of spikes can have significant influence on sound quality. The Gryphon Black Spike ST is made of Polymethylmethacrylate, because extensive listening sessions confirm that the mechanical characteristics of this rigid synthetic make it an ideal bridge for vibration.

The Gryphon Black Spike features a threaded insert for easy mounting using M6 screws or can be attached using an appropriate adhesive.

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