Isolèr din platespiller fra uønskede vibrasjoner

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Michell Iso (Isolation) Base Turntable Platform Product Information:

The Michell Turntable Isolation Base is a high performance isolation platform, to suit a range of turntables and equipment. The Michell Turntable Isolation Base offers more effective isolation than standard platforms with extra rigidity and a stronger design with spectacular looks.

The unique design helps to dissipate external and internal energies acting on the turntable, with a resulting benefit to sound reproduction and presence.

The Michell Turntable Isolation Base was conceived to combat detrimental effects of vibrational energy on Michell and other high quality Turntables.

» Tekniske data

Highly effective on wide range of surfaces and structures
Low profile compact design minimizes space requirements
Single acrylic chassis prevents unwanted vibrations
4 point chassis
Beautiful looks
Dimensions (HxWxD) 16mm x 530mm x 430mm

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