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A 2U (89mm) high rack width component, offering full system control of connected electronics through RS232, LAN, and over WiFi through a secure online interface and dedicated codex for Control 4 and Crestron.  Delta features sixteen C14 IEC output sockets along with RS232 via traditional and USB ports, LAN Ethernet port for WiFi control and antenna supporting wireless connection.  Input power is via 16A IEC C20 connection. Delta also reduces Differential and Common Mode mains noise, with each output socket independently cleaned avoiding mains noise cross contamination between connected electronics. Delta offers 54,000A protection from dangerous power surges and voltage spikes.

Name each outlet with connected electronics
Turn on / turn off each outlet independently
Remote reboot & sequential start-up
Programmable delay times between each outlet upon start-up
Control each outlet independently with date and time start-up
Combine two or more units into named groups
Manage power usage and overview power consumption
Protection against power surges and voltage spikes
Power cleaning network and RFI reduction of 45dB
Control through RS232, LAN, and over WiFi through a secure online interface and dedicated codex for Control 4 and Crestron


SMART Power products can be fully controlled in a number of ways including through a purpose designed secure online interface.

Name and turn on / off output sockets remotely
Set start-up times and time delay durations on re-start
View power consumption
Create product groups
Control your power usage for your system or installation


» Tekniske data

Output sockets:
Outlet socket style:
Mains voltage:
100-240V / 50-60Hz
Total (continuous) power:
3680W (230V) / 1840W (115V)
Protection rating:
Dimensions (mm):
448 x 305 x 89 (WxDxH)

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