The IsoTek EVO3 PROTEK is designed to protect your electronic components from power surges as well as the effects of the sharp on and off power operations.

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This is the ultimate audiophile protection device, ProTek uses multiple devices that have an approximation to a logarithmic curve of operation. Rather than creating an immediate on-off action, the device progressively dampens the surge, thereby preserving the dynamics within the music. However, if a massive surge occurs, it will offer instantaneous absorption of up to 1960 joules – the equivalent of 63,000A peak.

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Rugged design guarantees continual function compared to cheaper devices with one-off use
Can easily be deployed next to sensitive and critical electronics
63,000A of instantaneous surge and spike production
Preserves dynamics within the music
Warranty: 24 Months, or 36 Months if registered with IsoTek

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