AC Distribution Block

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If all that we have learned over the course of the thirty-year history of Gryphon Audio Designs could be summed up in just one simple phrase, it would probably be these words: Everything matters.
And there is perhaps no more telling proof of this than the domestic AC power line, where the implementation of prudent measures such as audiophile grade power cords and AC distribution blocks can make a world of clearly audible difference, despite the irrefutable fact that there are many miles of poorly insulated, low-grade wiring between the power plant and the home.
Despite the scoffing of sceptics, the purity of the AC line in those final few metres from the wall outlet to the audio equipment matters, because the AC supply has entered a hostile environment flooded with EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and because, ultimately, it is this AC supply that will be modulated to create the music signal.
The Gryphon PowerZone 2 takes a completely down to earth common sense approach to power distribution and the preservation of the purity of the power coming out of the walls
No mains filtration or conditioning is employed in the Gryphon PowerZone 2, because, in our experience, these functions are best performed in properly regulated power supplies in the audio equipment itself.
Built on a substantial chassis of aeronautical-grade aluminium, Gryphon PowerZone 2 effectively rejects RFI and EMI from neighbouring residences and industry as well as interference radiating within the home from computers, digital devices, fluorescent lighting and common household appliances.
The star wiring ground configuration of the Gryphon PowerZone 2 eliminates ground loop noise for low electrical resistance.
Premium Rhodium-plated pure copper conductors with minimal contact resistance ensure the uninterrupted flow of current to sensitive audio components. The precision grip of each receptacle offers more secure blade contact for a tighter, larger contact area to prevent vibration and provide long-term stability.
The IEC input and outlets of Gryphon PowerZone 2 incorporate conductive parts manufactured for Gryphon by Furutech, pioneers in the field of cryogenic and anti-magnetic treatment of metals for unstressed conductance. All internal wiring is specially developed Gryphon AC power cable.
Proper grounding, effective vibration control, meticulous materials selection and maximum electrical shielding combine to reduce noise and resonance to an absolute minimum so that music emerges from an utterly silent background.
Gryphon PowerZone 2 preserves and reveals the tonal purity, harmonic integrity, tonal contrasts, minute spatial cues and micro-dynamics that bring music to life.

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