Center-høyttaler designet for High-End serien til Audio Physic

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Excellent resolution
with dynamics

These are the outstanding characteristics of our newly developed tweeter. Thanks to its innovative membrane technology this ring radiator offers very extended frequency response (40 kHz) and high output. Its design properties ideally combine the advantages of metal and fabric cones.

The bass-midrange drivers operate in tandem. This doubles the membrane area improving response in the bass and mid-frequency range. The result is optimum speech intelligibility with minimal distortion even at high output levels.

The practical cabinet size together with its efficient magnetic shielding allow positioning close to CRTs’. It is also practicle to stand the unit vertically as a front or rear loudspeaker. In this position the angled base of the cabinet results in time-exact radiation.

The parameters of the loud-speaker chassis and the tuning of the crossover guarantee the identical tonal and phase properties of the Audio Physic SPARK and TEMPO and of the subwoofer LUNA.

Integrated combinations

A perfect AV surround system comes alive from perfect sound reproduction. This is why we have developed a center loudspeaker that is perfectly matched to our SPARK and TEMPO column loudspeakers. You can combine them at will know that your center speaker is optimally integrated.

Prove it to yourself: Take your favourite film, add the Celsius Center, get comfortable and immerse yourself in a fantastic world of sound and vision.

» Tekniske data

Height 145 mm / 5.7"
Width 487 mm / 19.2"
Depth 300 mm / 11.8"
Required Space Width x Depth 490x330 mm / 19.3x13.0"
Weight ~ 10 kg
Recommended amplifier power 20-140 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Freqency range 44 Hz - 40 kHz
Sensivity 89 dB

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