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Welcome to the most exhilarating, uncompromising, natural and by far the most extraordinary speaker system in the world, the Trio. The unique Trio.


Welcome to the most exhilarating, uncompromising, natural and by far the most extraordinary speaker system in the world, the Trio. The unique Trio.

Unique because its indescribable sound transports the listener without detours to a place where everything mundane is forgotten. World off. Music on.

One speaker system.
Three versions.

PASSIVE version.

Extremely easy to drive with 109 dB efficiency and 27 ohms impedance.

The ideal speaker for the best amplifiers in the world.

iTRON version.

We have developed an integrated electronics based on fundamentally different electro-physical laws than any other amplifier on the market.

We have thus succeeded – as the first manufacturer worldwide – in bringing the approach of the current amplifier, which is considered to be perfect, to market maturity

For a sound that sounds simply heavenly.

WIRELESS version.

Optionally with integrated network capability for direct streaming of content such as Tidal®, Spotify,® DLNA®, Roon®, Airplay® and others as a perfect plug & play system.

Press play on your phone and enjoy the incredible sound of the TRIO with the new iTron technology. No additional amplifiers, cables or other electronic devices. Everything is integrated in the modular unit of the speaker.

Listening to audiophile music can be so easy.

Module technology for diversity & timelessness.
Each model has a interchangeable technology module, which is connected to the speaker via a multi-pin power connector. It is therefore easy to upgrade the passive loudspeaker with ITRON technology or with the wireless module.

Even after many years, it is possible to upgrade to the most modern digital technology available at that time.

For a convincing sustainability of your investment – for generations to come.


The style icon among super loudspeakers.
Extraordinary, unique, straightforward. Even as a shadowy silhouette immediately recognizable as TRIO and absolutely unmistakable.

And that for over 30 years.

A speaker that communicates a clear brand promise through its appearance:

Listen & Love

A speaker that looks as fascinating as it sounds.

The angular cantilevered tweeter unit.

The frame construction of the tweeter unit is based on an aluminum flat profile with internal concealed cable routing. The 35 degree cantilever breaks the vertical lines and achieves a progressive silhouette.

The smallest of the three spherical wave horns is thus emphasized in the visual perception.

Light, elegant and always functional.
Due to the design-typical 35 degree angle of the cantilevers, the speaker seems to float above the floor.

The actual adjustable feet or optional spikes are concealed under the foot frame. The special spike mount made of solid aluminum forms an extremely stable composite structure with the speaker stand assembly, which prevents vibrations and oscillations.

Coplanar alignment of the drivers.

All drivers are on one vertical axis. This means that the acoustic centers are all on the same plane. The distance of the acoustic centers of the drivers to the listener are therefore always identical.

The tweeter is mounted on a precision slide rail. The coplanar alignment can thus be precisely fine-tuned.


XT3 - the tweeter unit.
The new XT3 tweeter unit is a completely new development.

An extremely extended LongThrow tweeter horn combined with the low mass of the new XT3 tweeter driver results in impressive readings and a delicate, detailed sound.

The lighter Annular diaphragm can move much faster than any of our previous drivers. The extended frequency range up to 28,000 Hz thus provides an even more dynamic and crisp reproduction.

XM3 - the midrange unit.

We developed the unusual design principles of this reference driver over 30 years ago and have perfected this concept over the years.

A compression ratio tending towards zero, 27 Ohm impedance, 109 dB efficiency, 570 mm omnidirectional horn and the Airgate air filter technology.

For us, the XM3 is the best midrange unit available.

XL3 - the upper bass unit.

The spherical wave horn of the XL3 fundamental unit has a diameter of 950mm, a length of 650mm and a horn throat opening of 100mm. That’s not only pretty big, but also pretty unique.

The XL3 horn driver is equipped with everything that is good and dear to us. TripleLayerCompount diaphragm, AirGate filter, SphericDome architecture, etc. etc. Superior technologies based on over 30 years of experience, combined with manufacturing precision that is second to none.

Our XL3 fundamental unit. Guarantor of the unmistakable, phenomenal sound that has made the Trio a legend.

The perfect crossover.

With our SphericLowCut filter, the Airgate technology and the PolarizationPlus circuit, we have realized the most innovative technological concepts in our passive crossover.

These are completed, with the highest quality components available. Our new NatureCap is an extremely intricately designed capacitor, handmade in Germany. Instead of using ultra-thin plastic foils vaporized with aluminum, the electrodes are made of precisely rolled aluminum foil. As dielectric we use a cellulose fiber compound impregnated by biological oils. The NatureCap is approx. 25 x larger than the capacitors from the XA series and is stably attached to the circuit board via specially manufactured brackets.

Tekniske data


Frequency range: 100-20,000 Hz
Load capacity: 150 watts
Efficiency (1 Watt/1m): > 109 dB
Crossover frequencies: 100/600/4,000 Hz
Nominal impedance: 10 ohms
Recommended amplifier power: > 2 watts
Recommended room size > 25 sqm
Coplanar Driver Alignment: Yes
Omega Drive: Yes
AirGate: Yes
NatureCap incl. PolarizationPlus circuit: Yes

Horn Type: Spherical Horn
Horn opening angle: 180 degrees
horn diameter
Bass range: 200mm/ 8 inches
Mid range: 50 mm/ 2 inch
Treble range: 25 mm / 1 inch


Bass range: 200mm/ 8 inches
Mid range: 50 mm/ 2 inch
Treble range: 25mm / 1 inch

Width: 950mm
Depth 986mm
Height (+/- 15mm) 1,694mm