The Classico version of the Trio XD is the logical visualization of the outstanding technical features of the Trio speakers: to transform the art of simple music reproduction into an almost voluptuous experience involving all your senses.

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Avantgarde Acoustic TRIO Classico XD

The TRIO Classico XD is Avantgarde Acoustic’s latest reincarnation of a reference class speaker, one that
has defined the Status Quo of horn speaker design ever since its introduction in 1991. Featuring all reference
grade technologies, such as OMEGA drivers and CPC crossovers, it presents a true State-of-the-Art
piece of engineering and an iconic visual statement. The solid and elegant construction, comprising steel
and aluminium cast elements, was widely adopted from the preceding version. Thus the XD version seamlessly
continues the proven and well established concept of the Avantgarde Acoustic horn speaker design.

Like with the predecessor, the matching complementary subwoofer for the TRIO Classico XD can be
chosen from a range of 3 different models, SUB231 XD, SHORT BASSHORN XD and BASSHORN XD.
All of which feature powerful 12” high-precision drivers, accurately controlled by the newly developed XD
power amplifier modules. Due to its optimized Class-D circuitry, the XD amplifier delivers 1000 watts per
subwoofer, thus ensuring that the membranes are moving exactly according to the original signal, creating
a superbly contoured bass response even with the lowest notes, while at the same time providing perfect
homogeneity with coupling to the TRIO XD low-midrange horn.

Already the SUB231 XD complements the TRIO Classico XD with excellent bass response, offered in a
compact package. Chosing the horn loaded SHORT BASSHORN XD will still improve the homogeinity and
the “thereness” of voices and instruments. And finally, opting for the BASSHORN XD, independent from
choosing a 2, 4 or 6 modules’ setup, will open a cornucopia of powerful and tuneful bass, presenting a
sound stage of totally believable and realistic scale and “weight”.

The active crossover at the subwoofer’s input now offers various new control features. Previously, only
attenuators for volume and crossover frequency (towards the midrange) were available as “tailoring”
features, plus a subsonic filter. With the XD models, a DSP controller receives the signals and offers a
multitude of sound relevant adjustments, including a programmable 10-band equalizer, e.g. to adapt the
bass response to room acoustics. Still operating the subwoofer by a single SELECT/ENTER control knob
is a simple exercise.

You prefer to use a PC or Mac computer system with a clearly laid out interface? The XD version offers
that as well! No matter if you just want to set an individual subsonic filter, or a complex curve with room
acoustic adjustments in the bass range: the XD SERIES CONTROL software gives you access in the most
convenient way.

New to the TRIO Classico XD is also a re-developed State-of-the-Art low-midrange driver, featuring an
optimized suspension system, and a completely new “Soft Mesh Compound” fiber-grid dome. Especially
this dome considerably improves the openness and resolution, while at the same time providing a superb
and natural richness that enhances the speech intelligibility of singers and speakers as much as the “thereness”
of instruments and of the recording environment, be it an intimate studio or a large concert hall.

Last-but-not-least, the mid range and tweeter range as well benefits from innovative engineering. The
new crossover boards feature a new layout for our proven CPC (Capacitor Polarisation Circuit) circuitry,
effectively preventing the negative influence of the “Dielectric Memory Effekt”. Another “tessera” on the
path to a pure and truly life-like presentation of recorded music.

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Frequency range Satellite 100 - 20,000 Hz
Subwoofer 18 - 350 Hz
Power Handling 150 Watt
Efficiency (1Watt/1m) > 109 dB
Crossover Frequencies 100/600/4,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance 19 Ohm
Recommended Amplifier Power > 2 Watt
Recommended Room Size > 25 sqm
CDC (Contr. Dispersion Characteristic) Yes
CPC Crossover (patent pend.) Yes


Horn Type Spherical Horn
Horn Material ABS Inj. Molding
Horn Surface Polished/Lacquered
Horn Dispersion Angle 180 Degrees

Horn Area Low-Mid Range 0.709 sqm
Mid Range 0.255 sqm
High Range 0.025 sqm

Horn Diameter Low-Mid Range 950 mm
Mid Range 570 mm
High Range 180 mm

Horn Length Low-Mid Range 650 mm
Mid Range 430 mm
High Range 85 mm


Diameter Low-Mid Range 200 mm
Mid Range 50 mm
High Range 25 mm

Magnet Material Low-Mid Range Ferrite
Mid Range Strontium Ferrite
High Range Ferrite

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