Oppfølgeren til den legendariske Classic 30 som nok en gang dytter grensene innenfor sin prisklasse.

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Identical to the CLASSIC 32 in terms of the technology used, the CLASSIC 35 features our proprietary Sandwich Cabinet. For this, glass panels are glued to a solid MDF core using elastic acrylate adhesive stripes. The resulting sandwich is virtually immune against vibrations, eliminating any sound colouration from the cabinet. What you get to hear is not the speaker, but just pure music. Additionally, the luscious high-gloss surface of the glass panels is much more scratch-resistant than any lacquer.

Like its predecessor, the successful Classic 30, the Classic 35 uses our unique Sandwich Cabinet Construction. This consists of a strong internal core to which back-painted glass panels are glued from the outside with elastic acrylate adhesive stripes. Because of the completely different resonance characteristics of glass and MDF, and the damping properties of the elastic acrylate, vibrations of any kind are very effectively subdued, unwanted ‘cabinet sound’ is simply not an issue any more.

The adhesive stripes also provide an exactly defined gap between the core and the outside panels, with a sound-insulating effect similar to that of double-glazed windows: There is no transmission of sound from the inside of the cabinet to the outside other than what comes out of the front of the drivers themselves. The overall effect is simple but stunning: What you hear is not the speaker but just pure music.

Another unbeatable advantage of these glass panels is their extremely durable high-gloss surface that’s vastly superior to any conventional paint finish. Even after many years they will look as pristine as when they were new, having lost nothing at all of their brilliance and depth.

All other drivers represent the current state-of-the-art for our Classic Line, too. The midrange driver sports the unique Audio Physic Dual Basket Design, a woven glass-fibre diaphragm and a Phase Plug mounted directly onto the magnet motor to help with heat management inside the driver. The attention to detail that went into this driver is especially important as the human ear is very susceptible in the frequency range covered by it because this is where most of the human voice happens. The clarity and naturalness of this drive unit’s sound are unrivalled in this price range.

The magnetic motor of the Classic 35’s tweeter is elaborately ventilated as well, so that the soft dome made by a German specialist company always finds ideal operating conditions even under heavy load. Thanks to the powerful motor and the low self-resonance, the tweeter achieves exemplary signal integrity far beyond the audible range. A small horn-shaped sound guide surrounds the actual dome and ensures a seamless transition between mid and high frequencies. So even outside of the so-called sweet spot you will be able to enjoy a relaxed musical experience.

All in all out new Classic 35 is a significant improvement from the already very good Classic 30. It’s so good, in fact, that in terms of acoustic performance it comes very close to some of our REFERENCE Line speakers like the Avanti or Midex. Within its actual price range, the Classic 25 is without doubt a class of its own.

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1145 mm / 45"
202 mm / 7,9"
340 mm / 13,4"
Required Space Width x Depth
240 x 400 mm / 9.5 x 15.8"
~ 35 kg
Recommended amplifier power
20-160 W
4 Ohm
Frequency range
32 Hz - 30 kHz
89 dB
8/9" Soft Dome
5.9" Glass Fibre Cone
2 x 6.7" Glass Fibre Cone
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