Med 40års erfaring innen høyttalerproduksjon gir PSB deg nå muligheten av å få fantastisk hifi lyd gjennom sine M4U 4 In-Ear hodetelefoner.

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Good Sound Comes in Small Packages

PSB's first in-ear monitor is a unique two-way Hybrid Dual-Driver Design that uses a moving coil low frequency dynamic driver and an ultra-low mass balanced armature high frequency driver. Thanks to this hybrid dual-driver system, our design team was able to implement our innovative RoomFeel™ technology with greater precision. RoomFeel™ is our scientifically developed transfer function that adds back the acoustic signature of the typical listening room to create a more spacious and realistic presentation of recorded music. You will be amazed that these in-ear M4U 4s allow you to experience the sound of high performance speakers in a perfect listening room wherever you go.

Two Drivers are Better than One

Balanced armature drivers have very low moving mass making them ideal for reproducing high frequencies with great transient response and detail. Musical textures are finely wrought, bringing great insight into the music and clearly delineating individual instruments and their unique voices. The precision balanced armature driver used in the M4U 4 is individually calibrated to meet its exacting response tolerances. A wave guide is used to link the sound tube of the balanced armature driver to the woofer, creating time-aligned driver integration. A miniature PCB using surface mount parts creates the electrical crossover network that divides the signal between drivers. The moving coil dynamic woofer is no less unique, tuned for accurate response with three separate chambers, creating an aperiodic loading that smooths response and suppresses resonances. The result is deep, deep bass response that is punchy and crisp without sounding fat or boomy.

Ergonomically Sound

These small and lightweight portable in-ear monitors are also designed for people on the move. The comfortable low profile ergonomic design and around-the-ear cable placement ensures that the M4U 4s stay in place for active listeners. The distinctive detachable cable design also allows the M4U 4s to be reversible! You have a choice of looping the cord over and around your ear, or you can swap the left and right colour-coded sides to allow the cable to drop down in front of your ear. We've also included two fully detachable cables for your convenience, one with a 3-button remote with microphone for answering and making phone calls.

Comply™ Foam Tx-200 Series Eartips

In addition to the three sizes of soft silicone eartips, the M4U 4 is supplied with ComplyTM Foam Tx-200 Series Eartips with wax guard for perfect in-ear fit and comfort. Made with high-tech, super-soft memory foam that is heat-sensitive and breathable, the ComplyTM Foam Tx-200 Series Eartips conform to the dynamic shape of your ear canal, forming an air-tight seal. The foam's passive noise-reduction technology seals out unwanted ambient noise and pours pure music directly into your ears, and provides amazing bass extension. These eartips are extraordinarily soft and comfortable for long-term wear.

Simply enjoy clear, crisp sound. Standard silicon gel tips, a convenient carrying case, and stereo and airplane adaptors round out the M4U 4 accessories. Available in Arctic White and Black Diamond.

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Frequency Range
-10dB: 10Hz-20kHz
-3dB: 15Hz-20kHz
±1 1/2dB: 20Hz-20kHz
THD, Total Harmonic Distortion
1kHz/1mW: 0.25%
Power Handling
Maximum: 10mW
Nominal: 16 Ohms
Type: Hybrid Dynamic and Balance Armature
Operating Principle: Multi-Chamber Vented Design
Size: 8mm Dynamic, Single BA
Ear Coupling
3.5mm (1/8") Stereo Jack
Standard Cable Length: 1.2m (47")
Standard Cable Type: Detachable Tangle-free w/3 pole
Apple Cable Length: 1.2m (47")
Apple Cable Type: Type Detachable Tangle-free w/4 pole
Driver Enclosure: ABS
Eartip Type: Comply Foam Tx-200 and Silicon
Travel Case: EVA
Size (WxHxD)
Travel Case: 110 x 70 x 25mm
25g with cable
Black Diamond, Arctic White
Two-way Hybrid Dual-Driver Design with Moving Coil Dynamic low frequency driver and Balanced Armature high frequency driver
Precision crossover network
Ergonomic design
Comfortable low profile fit for active listening
Two tangle-free cables, one with in-line remote, microphone, and telephone controls
Unique detachable cables with removable shirt clip
Made for iPhone certified
1/4" stereo and 1/8" dual input flight adaptors
Small, Medium and Large pure silicone eartips
Small, Medium and Large Comply Foam™
Replaceable Tx-200 ear tips with wax guard supplied
Around Ear Cable Placement
Convenient protective Formed Travel Case
1/8" to 1/4" (3.5mm to 6.3mm) Gold-plated Stereo Plug Adaptor
Airline Connection Adaptor
Carabiner travel clip
3 x Comply Foam Tx-200 Eartips (S, M, L)
3 x Silicon Eartips (S, M, L)
- See more at: http://lenbrook.com.sg/psb-speakers/98-psb-m4u4-high-perf-in-ear-headphones.html#sthash.ms4bNyoj.dpuf

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