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Reference Vacuum Tube Input Driver Unit For Earspeakers

●The full-balanced transmission of hybrid amplifier configuration with 6922 dual triode tube of established reputation for the first stage and class-A operating semiconductor at output stage realized ultra low-noise, accurate and rich musical expression.

●The vacuum tube of the first stage was mounted on the independent board in order to shut out vibration and external noise. Fur-
ther, noise has been totally eliminated by vibration-proofing damper and vacuum tube shield cover which are used also for a harddisk etc.

●The large-sized toroidal transformer - for the first time in STAX driver unit history - as well as non-magnetic aluminum chassis has been adopted for unclouded clear tone quality.

●Four pairs of inputs are equipped. (Notes: LINE4 is an optional slot for future purpose. As for now, release is not yet determined.)

●The SRM-T8000 features the EXTERNAL (BYPASS) function which passes the volume controller of the unit and enables volume control through external equipments.

●The newly developed large-sized aluminum insulator, combined with new material of high isolation efficiency and grip power, has been employed.

Tekniske data

●Frequency response: 1Hz - 115kHz / when used with one earspeaker

●Rated input level: 100mV (at 100V output)

●Maximum input level: 30Vrms. / at minimum volume

●Gain: 60dB

●Harmonic distortion: 0.01% or less / 1kHz / when used with one earspeaker

●Input impedance: 50kΩ / 50kΩx 2 (XLR input)

●Maximum output voltage: 470Vrms

●Mains voltage: AC120V/AC220/AC230/AC240, 50/60Hz (depending on your country’s voltage)

●Power consumption: 58W (95W with optional slot)

●Operating temperature: 0 to 35 degrees C (less than 90% humidi- ty, non condensing)

●Dimension: 320 (W) x103 (H) x395 (D) mm (protruding portion included)

●Weight: 7.3kg

●Others: equipped with PARALLEL OUT, volume bypass and MUTE function.