The objective was to rethink everything for which an optimal solution did not yet exist on the market.

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An innovative tonearm tube and highly precise, minimal preloaded ball bearings for the vertical and horizontal axes guarantee that the TA-9000 follows the pickup demands, guiding it perfectly and ensures reading every groove on a vinyl record precisely. The two tubes are externally conical but internally round. The tubes are connected with hundreds of elements. The tubes are bound together tightly by more than 700 pads. These are designed to be similar to tree branches aw and are arranged inside the tube in a spiral.

All this is made in one single piece of aluminum – like never before. To sum it up, this is an unprecedented arm tube. To date, it accomplishes the until now not accomplishable requirements for a light-weight, extremely stiff but simultaneously damping tube. Perfect for every pickup. Perfect for our top of the line tone arm TA-9000. A tone arm should guide the needle flawlessly and not create any friction – neither horizontally nor vertically. At best, it should not present any bearing clearance or friction.

This has not worked mutually until now. The ball bearing for horizontal and vertical movement sourced from the US specialist Timken. Timken, in fact, manufactures the ultra-precise bearings for astronautics. We personally select ours. Only the best of what is delivered make it into the TA-9000. These bearings are then meticulously adjusted and incorporated always from the same experienced specialist. We provide both bearings with a little bit of prestress that eliminates clearance and nevertheless maintains extremely low friction. The internal cabling consists of a continuous pure silver cable that leads from the pickup pins to the 5 pin connecter positioned in the arm shaft. The counter weight is manufactured in brass. The TA-9000 is available in 9 and 12 inch length.

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