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A turn­table is only as good as its wea­kest link! As a matter of principle, we do not want to allow our­sel­ves to call our ‘smal­lest’ an entry-level tone­arm. The TA‑500 NEO is simply much too good for that!

Special features:

9 inch tonearm with dual-layer carbon armtube
Low resonance, rigid tube design
Excellent tracking results due to precision miniature ball bearings
Better rigidity and smooth operation due to stainless steel tonearm axis design
Internal studio-quality copper wiring by Mogami
Supplied with external Audioquest 5-pin copper phono cable (RCA)
Counterweight made of brass
Adjustable VTA
Anti-skating weight
Rega-type mounting version
5-year warranty with registration

Quality ‘Made in Germany’

Lovingly handcrafted in Germany, the TA‑500 NEO scores with cardanic precision ball bearings that provide excellent control and a stainless steel tonearm axis for more rigidity and smoothness.

Performance at a high level

A rigid yet well-damped dual-layer carbon armtube effec­tively mini­mizes unwanted vibra­tions. Of course the TA‑500 NEO offers VTA, azimuth and anti-skating adjust­ment, allowing fine-tuning for optimum cart­ridge performance.

Thought out in every detail

The headshell of the TA-500 NEO offers virtually no surface for unwan­ted reso­nances. The internal MOGAMI studio-quality copper cabling and the included 5‑pin copper phono cable from Audio­quest also contri­bute to the TA‑500 NEO’s perfor­mance – far beyond its price range.

Absolutely flexible

The TA‑500 NEO is designed as a 9‑inch tonearm. In addition to the brass counterweight, an add-on weight for heavy cartridges is also included.

Tekniske data

Technical data

Available sizes: 9″ version
Length: 293 mm
Effective length: 239.3 mm
Mounting distance
(from pivot to center of platter):
222 mm
Total weight: 349 g
Effective mass: 10 g
Tilt angle
(depends on cartridge):
Overhang: 17.3 mm
Cartridge balance range: 6 to 16 g
Mounting: Rega style,
SME style upgrade option at additional charge
Armtube: Dual-layer carbon
Signal cable material: Copper wiring by Mogami
Phono cable: Phono cable
by Audio­quest
Connectors: 5-pin to RCA/ground connector

Available finishes

Tonearm: Silver (anodized)
Armtube: Carbon

Package contents

  • TA-500 NEO tonearm
  • Counter weight
  • Adjustment template
  • Phono­ cable
  • Additional weight
  • Screws
  • Anti-skating weight
  • Toolset
  • Instruction manual