The TYPHOON NEO knows almost no compromises!

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Prepared for 3 tonearms and equipped with the second-highest expansion stages of our newest drive system and chassis technologies, this high mass turntable will produce high audiophile waves – in the most positive sense. It is absolutely clear to us: The overall performance of the ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE TYPHOON NEO is at a level that will beat some of the world’s best and much more expensive turntables.

3 integrated, completely insulated AC-motors
External digital motor controller DMC-20 with super stable multi-voltage power supply and innovative AVC-system level 2 (Anti-Vibration Control)
Ultraprecise, extremely rigid and robust DTD®-bearing with diamond-coated spindle (Dura Turn Diamond® Bearing)
Exclusive ‘silencer’ technology for effective reduction of platter vibration
Massive aluminum chassis with CLD technology (Constraint Layer Damping) for significantly improved resonance behavior
3-point setup with special gel-damped feet
Prepared for up to 3 tone arms
Flexible placeable control panel
15-year warranty (with registration)

» Tekniske data

Dimensions (W x D x H / mm)
450 x 460 x 190
35 kg
Drive System
3 AC-motors, belt drive with speed fine adjustment, AVC-system level 2
Speed range
33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM
Power adapter
External power supply (100 - 260 V AC)
High-precision Dura Turn Diamond® bearing
75 mm aluminum alloy chassis with height-adjustable aluminum feet
Anodized aluminum platter (Ø 310 x 50 mm / 13 kg) with 24 Silencers (all Silencers made of polished brass, optional: 24 carat gold-plated or polished chrome)
Tone arm base
up to 3 adjustable mounting boards for 9- to 12-inch tone arms
black (anodized), silver (anodized) or bi-color

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