The Erodion is Lyra's MC step-up transformer, and includes a number of proprietary design concepts and connection methods.

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Every part and assembly is custom made to create one of the finest products of its kind ever produced. We feel its performance is competitive with any step-up transformer regardless of price or aspiration.

Those who look for a "typical transformer sound" may be disappointed by the Erodion: it does not have a sound of its own, but comes very, very close to being a "straight wire with gain". Our goal was to create a neutral step-up device with a high-energy, direct signal path to highlight the strengths of the MC phono cartridge preceding it. Although especially designed for Lyra cartridges, it is usable with other low-impedance cartridges of 2 - 10 ohms. With a gain of 26 dB the Erodion has been designed to step the output of low output, low impedance MC cartridges up to the standard 10 kohms ~ 47 kohms MM phono inputs of preamplifiers and phono stages.

An MC step-up transformer is fundamentally very different from an amplification stage. When a low-impedance MC cartridge is connected directly to a high gain RIAA preamplifier, the impedance loading value can be set to any value between 100 ohms to 47 kohms, however, an MC step-up transformer is designed as an impedance matching device between an MC cartridge and a 10 kohms ~ 47 kohms MM level RIAA input.


For this reason an MC step-up transformer should only be used with MC cartridges within the limited impedance range it has been designed for. Significant deviation from the specified range will result in a different impedance ratio, and also an altered perceived frequency balance.

A unique grounding switch allows selection between floating ground or chassis ground connection. Since all step-up transformers are affected by the general grounding conditions of the turntable/tonearm preceding it, and also the preamplifier following it, the positioning of the switch and also creative thinking regarding external grounding wires, will affect the sonic result. The owner's manual accompanying the Erodion explains how to work through the entire chain of an analog system in order to optimize grounding. Where possible Lyra recommends the use of "floating ground" since this should give the most rewarding sonic result.

LYRA still recommends recommends that wherever possible the connection of Lyra MC cartridges should be directly to high-quality, high-sensitivity RIAA preamplifier inputs capable of amplifying a 0.2 - 0.6mV MC signal without adding extra noise. However, some preamplifiers with an MM level RIAA stage may not be capable of this task, but otherwise sound wonderful. The combination of a step-up transformer mated to an MM-level RIAA input can also create a sound with a feeling of great energy and solidity, which can be extremely enjoyable. The Erodion was intended to enable high-quality MM-level RIAA stages to be used with low-impedance MC cartridges, but was also designed to sound as open and transparent as possible. We believe the Erodion fills the need for a high-performance MC transformer which should please the most discerning analog connoisseur.

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Gain : 26 dB (20 times) (when cartridge's internal impedance is 2 - 10 ohms and MM level RIAA preamplifier or phono stage presents 47 kohms load)
Load of MM RIAA preamplifier or phono stage : 10 kohms ~ 47 kohms Useable MC phono cartridges: internal impedance range of 2 ohms - 10 ohms
Load of MM RIAA preamplifier or phono stage : 10 kohms ~ 47 kohms Useable MC phono cartridges : internal impedance range of 2 ohms - 10 ohms
Useable MC phono cartridges : internal impedance range of 2 ohms - 10 ohms
Frequency range : 10 - 100,000 Hz (when above conditions are met)
Feet : three stainless steel spikes
Net size : (W x D x H) 150 mm x 115 mm (128 mm incl. connectors) x 65 mm (78 mm incl. feet)
Net weight : Approximately 2500 grams (5.5 US pounds)
(The Erodion does not contain any electrical power supply, and it does not require any power input of any kind.)


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